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Two Rivers Project

Two Rivers is a utility-scale solar and energy storage project in Georgia
currently under development by Solariant Capital.

Solar investing

Project summary

  • Technology

    PV + BESS

    • 80MWac / 100MWdc Photovoltaic Solar on single-axis trackers
    • Site: 750 acres in Camden County, Georgia
    • Generation: 200,174 MWh in the first year
  • Carbon offset

    156,000 tons

    • Annual carbon offset: more than 156,000 tons of CO2
    • Equivalent to over 30,400 cars taken off the road or
    • Equivalent to over 14,700 homes powered
  • Project status

    Under development

    • Began development: Q4 2021
    • Expected completion (exit/sale*): Q4 2025 (in 18-21 months)
    • Completed: Site control and title search, feasibility studies, system impact study, site design and preliminary engineering, utility grid interconnection application
    • In Process: Permitting, detailed engineering, offtake agreement, utility Facilities Study and Interconnection Agreement, EPC and O&M agreements

More about the solar industry

How investing in solar projects works

Solar energy projects require funding, planning and preparation to become solar plants. Investors (like you) help to fund the project and may receive proceeds from the sale once completed.
A developer, like Solariant Capital, handles the planning and preparation process and sells* the project to its long-term owner.
A 3D model of green land strips lined up one behind the other with 3 blue solar panels sitting on top of them
One of the biggest advantages of having an experienced developer is that they understand the process and risks associated with the project.

Solariant Capital, our parent company, has over 10 years in experience successfully developing Solar Energy Projects.
Top reasons to invest
  • Direct access to solar project ownershipDirect access to solar project ownership

    investors will own shares or units of solar projects in the U.S., an asset class traditionally reserved for institutional, accredited investors and private equity funds.

  • Direct access to solar project ownershipAcceleration of renewable energy deployment

    the speed of renewable energy deployment is critical in effectively combating global climate change. By providing access to a wider pool of development capital, developers are empowered to pursue an increased number of renewable energy projects.

  • Direct access to solar project ownershipExperienced developer

    Solariant Capital is an experienced renewable energy developer with more than 10 years of renewable energy project development experience.

  • Direct access to solar project ownershipDiversification to your portfolio

    provides potential diversification benefits to your portfolio.

Introducing: Two Rivers Solar Project

The Two Rivers Solar Project is located in Camden County, Georgia.
This project will provide clean electricity to Georgia’s electric grid and add a new power supply to the area.
A green 3D model of the Florida peninsula with accurate topography with solar panels and solar power storage facilities strewn across it
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  • Battery energy storage connected to Two Rivers can harnesses excess solar energy generation efficiently and offers resiliency during disruptions in supply and demand for electricity.
  • Georgia’s primary source of electricity is natural gas, presenting a prime opportunity to replace and supplement GHG-intensive power generation.
  • The Two Rivers Solar Project is currently in the utility interconnection queue for approval in Georgia with an expected construction start date in Q2 2026.
  • The Two Rivers Solar Project’s proximity to the point of interconnection with the grid should translate into reasonable facility and network upgrade requirements. These upgrades are the cost of interconnecting with the grid and typically represent a major cost variable for power plants.
  • Transmission studies in the area previously showed ample available capacity for the grid to accommodate the Two Rivers Solar Project.
  • The development, future operation, and maintenance of the Two Rivers Solar project is an investment in the local community and provides impactful opportunities for economic development, tax revenue, and job creation across multiple sectors.

Georgia solar market

Solar energy only accounts for 3.03% of Georgia's electricity generation, indicating a lot of space for growth.
An infographic of several graphs detailing solar output and price changes since 2012

    Quick facts about Georgia's renewable market

  • Georgia is currently ranked 9th in the U.S. with approximately 2,668 MW in total installed capacity.
  • Southern Company aims for 14 GW of renewables by 2024 (goal is to cut carbon emissions 50% by 2030).
  • In its July 2019 IRP, Georgia Power says it will grow its renewable generation to 5,390MW by 2024 and increase the company's total renewable capacity to 22% of its portfolio.
  • Between two 2024 RFPs, Georgia Power expects to procure a total of 2,000+ MW at of new generation resources to meet growing demand.

* The sale or exit of the project cannot be guaranteed and if there is a sale or exit, a price cannot be guaranteed as several factors such as but not limited to market, economic conditions, and availability of buyers may affect the ability to exit the project.

About the team

  • Daniel Kim

    Managing Director

  • Kevin Kohlstedt

    Head of U.S. Renewables Development

  • Sachin Verma

    Assistant Director of Development

  • Eric Kang

    Director of Finance

  • Leesa Nayudu

    VP of Power Marketing

  • Jacob Wilson

    Assistant Director of Engineering


TRC (Third-Party) Technical Due Diligence Report

Project development status

Solariant Capital team members are successful, experienced project managers and developers that can effectively manage and develop projects. Learn more

This project is 54%completed
    Site control and feasibility
    Natural resource studies
    Preliminary engineering
    Power marketing
    Detail engineering/constructability
  • informationThe project’s current status is outlined in the TRC report. For a detailed breakdown you can download the document .

Project timeline

* The sale or exit of the project cannot be guaranteed and if there is a sale or exit, a price cannot be guaranteed as several factors such as but not limited to market, economic conditions, and availability of buyers may affect the ability to exit the project.

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